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A new hermetic package
A new hermetic package for space applications

UMS is further expanding its Hi-Rel offer with the release of a new line of hermetic metal ceramic “QFN like” packages to house its low and high power products.

For years, UMS has developed a specific offer to meet the needs of the space Hi-Rel market, offering a complete range of:

Space evaluated processes:

  •     Low noise  & power PHEMT (PH25, PH15, PPH25X, PPH15X,…)
  •     Analog & Digital  & power HBT (HB20M, HB20S, HB20P)
  •     Schottky diode (BES) & Power MESFET (HP07)
  •     Space products (Class S products)

The new hermetic package introduced by UMS is ideal for Hi-Rel, microwave radio, military & space applications requiring enhanced reliability and increased electrical performance. This surface mount leadless package is fully hermetic and designed to operate from DC to microwave frequencies beyond 30GHz and offer a very low thermal resistance.

Its very compact ceramic metal body and outline dimensions of 6x6 mm² are designed to be compatible with standard automatic SMT assembly.

UMS CHA3666 (6-16GHz) and CHA2069 (18-32GHz) FAA packaged LNAs are now qualified and available for Hi-Rel applications.

The housing of all our products and functions can be developed and qualified in this hermetic package upon request.

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