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News/Events > CHA2441-QAG a new K-band LNA
CHA2441-QAG a new K-band LNA
CHA2441-QAG a new K-band LNA

UMS is expanding its K-Band offer with the launch of a new LNA. The CHA2441 QAG covers 22 to 26GHz frequency range. This circuit delivers 25.5dB gain from a single bias supply of +3.3V and offers an excellent noise figure of 2.5dB. It also features a very low DC consumption of 50mA at 3.3V with on chip self biased transistors.

With its reduced size 16L-QFN 3x3, the CHA2441-QAG is unique. It is particularly suitable for automotive, radar and ISM applications.

This product is manufactured with a 0.25μm pHEMT process and is supplied in RoHS compliant SMD package.


  • Frequency range:   22-26GHz
  • Linear Gain:   25.5dB
  • Pin@1dB comp:    -14dBm
  • Noise figure:    2.5dB
  • DC bias:    3.3V@50mA
  • Size:    16L-QFN 3x3
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