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News/Events > CHA3080-98F & CHA3090-98F: 2 New E-band MPA
CHA3080-98F & CHA3090-98F: 2 New E-band MPA
2 new MPA in E-Band range CHA3080-98F & CHA3090-98F

UMS is upgrading its E-Band portfolio with 2 major circuits: the CHA3080-98F and the CHA3090-98F.

These two products are broadband three-stage monolithic Medium Power Amplifier with an on-chip power detector integrating a directional coupler, a detection diode and a reference diode to be used in differential mode. Another of their main assets is to achieve 10dB gain control thanks to gate voltage biasing.

These circuits are available in chip form with BCB layer protection.


  • Frequency range: 71-76GHz
  • Linear Gain: 16dB
  • Output Power @1dB comp: 19dBm
  • Saturated Output Powerl 21dBm
  • DC biasl 3.5V@280mA
  • Chip sizel 3.96x1.78x0.07mm


  • Frequency rangel 81-86GHz
  • Linear Gainl 13dB
  • Output Power @1dB comp: 17dBm
  • Saturated Output Power: 19dBm
  • DC bias: 3.5V@280mA
  • Chip size: 3.36x1.78x0.07mm

They are manufactured with a low noise pHEMT process, 0.1µm gate length, via holes through the substrate, air bridges and electron beam gate lithography.


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