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News/Events > CHA4102-QEG: a new S-Band digital VGA
CHA4102-QEG: a new S-Band digital VGA
UMS presents its new S-Band digital VGA: the CHA4102-QEG

UMS has developed a new S-Band digital VGA. This new product integrates a monolithic 2-4GHz core chip in a single multifunction package:

6 bit attenuator
2 stage driver amplifier
A power detector

  • Frequency range: 2-4GHz
  • Linear gain: 20dB
  • Gain control: 31.5dB
  • Overall power supply: 5V/150mA

The CHA4102-QEG is a very compact circuit for high performance systems in a standard surface mount 24 leads 4x5 QFN package. It is dedicated not only to Defence applications but also to a wide range of microwave applications and systems.


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