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News/Events > CHK080A-SRA a new GaN transitor
CHK080A-SRA a new GaN transitor
CHK080A-SRA our new GaN power packaged transistor

UMS is pleased to present a new GaN product, the CHK080A-SRA ; an unmatched Packaged GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor featuring more than 80W high power and operating in pulsed and CW mode. It delivers up to 70% high power efficiency and its wide-band capability reaches up to 3.5GHz.

It is optimized for multi-purpose L to S band applications including radar, ISM, TV broadcast and radio navigation.

The CHK080A-SRA is developed on a 0.5µm gate length GaN HEMT process. It requires external matching circuitry. It is housed in a ceramic-metal flange power package providing low parasitic and low thermal resistance.


  • Output power: >80W
  • Wide band capability: Up to 3.5GHz
  • Operating modes: Pulsed and CW
  • Efficiency: Up to 70%
  • DC Bias (VDS@ID_Q): 50V@600mA
  • @3GHz in pulsed mode:    100W Psat, PAE_associated 65%, 17dB linear gain


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