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News/Events > CHR3763-QDG: multifunction receiver
CHR3763-QDG: multifunction receiver
CHR3763-QDG : a 12-16GHz multifunction receiver

The CHR3763-QDG is a 12-16GHz multifunction receiver integrating a balanced cold FET mixer, a LO buffer and a RF Low Noise Amplifier.

The circuit features an extremely low consumption of 80mA at 3V with an excellent noise figure of 2.3 dB and 12dB conversion gain.

The CHR3763-QDG is designed for a wide range of applications including professional and commercial communication systems.

The circuit is manufactured using a 0.25µm gate length pHEMT process. It is supplied in a RoHS compliant SMD package and is pin to pin compatible with our       CHR3762-QDG and other industry products.

Main features

  • RF frequency :     12-16GHz
  • IF frequency:     DC-3.5GHz
  • Noise figure    2.3dB
  • Conversion gain:    12dB
  • Input IP3    0dBm
  • DC bias :     3V@80mA
  • Chip size:     24L-QFN4x4
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