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News/Events > CHS2411 & 2412 switches
CHS2411 & 2412 switches
CHS2411-QDG & CHS2412-QDG switches

To address the high volume production generated by the success of its 23 26GHz reflective SP4T, the CHS2411-QDG, UMS has developed the CHS2412-QDG an external foundry part exhibiting exactly identical quality and qualification standards.

The CHS2412-QDG provides the same electrical and thermal performances, identical pin out and packaging as CHS2411-QDG. The dual source CHS2412-QDG is fully approved for Automotive applications.

These two products feature a low insertion loss at 2.9dB, a high isolation at 35dB, a fast switching time, a low consumption and a wide operating temperature range.

They are particularly suitable for 24GHz automotive and ISM applications.


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