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Foundry Service
Foundry Service
Our Goal - the Success of your Project

Our Open Foundry is committed to offering processes and services that deliver successful projects.

Design success - first time on time

The open foundry provides an integrated suite of services aimed at ensuring that ASIC designs are fabricated successfully on the first fabrication run.

The flow from design, through to fabrication and delivery, has been smoothed and optimised to offer designers:
- the right process selection to meet design goals
- design kits supported by extended, accurate and validated models, available on familiar
- technical support at all stages of the project, benefiting from our design experience
- critical Foundry Design Reviews to identify and resolve issues early
- fabrication using reliable and repeatable processes
- optional early MMIC validation through on-wafer test
- diced Known Good Dies delivery

Time to Market - the UMS Fast Track

Our approach is to focus on a range of core and optional services that shorten the time to market, at a price that is consistent with the client's business case.

The benefits to designers include:
- pre-design support to give advice on selecting the right process
- optional training courses to help you get the most from a design
- fast access to design kits, helping you get what you need from a process
- value added support: a hot line when you need it, design reviews when they matter
- reduced lead times (front-end 10 wks 2001 - 8 wks 2003)
- optional on-wafer testing, pick and sort, for an efficient one stop delivery

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