GaN transistor: the CHK015A-QIA
GaN transistor: the CHK015A-QIA

The CHK015A-QIA, new GaN product, is a 15W unmatched power packaged transistor. It operates at high voltage (up to 50V) in class AB or C. It exhibits wide band capability up to 6GHz and is able to operate in pulsed and CW modes. It features very high drain efficiency up to 70%

It is proposed in a 14 lead DFN3x4 low cost plastic package providing low parasitics and low thermal resistance.

  • Frequency range: DC-6GHz
  • Output power: Up to 20W
  • PAE @ 3GHz: 60%
  • Associated gain at max PAE @ 3GHz: 16dB
  • Linear gain @ 3GHz: 20dB
  • DC bias: 50V, ID-Q 100mA
  • Package: 14L DFN 3x4

The CHK015A-QIA offers general purpose and broadband solutions for RF power multipurpose applications such as radar and telecommunication.

This product is manufactured using a robust 0.50µm gate length GaN pHEMT process.