Shared foundry run on PPH15X-20
UMS launch a new shared foundry run on PPH15X-20

UMS will launch a shared foundry run on PPH15x-20 process on July 1st. This process is suitable to design products for VSAT, Point to Point radio, fibre optics and instrumentation applications. Layouts need to be supplied by June 24th.

The PPH15X-20 process is optimised for wideband high power amplification up to 45GHz. It features an excellent power at high frequency up to 800mW/mm@3dB with a PAE of 46% and a very high linearity with an IMP3 of 56dBc@10dB backoff.

This process is available with BCB protection and is compatible with plastic molded packaging.

Please contact for any further information you may need.