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News/Events > The CHT4016-QEG the new 4-14GHz attenuator
The CHT4016-QEG the new 4-14GHz attenuator
A new 4-14GHz attenuator


The CHT4016-QEG is a 4-14GHz 6-bit digital attenuator designed to provide a dynamic range of 31.5dB in 0.5dB steps.   

The CHT4016-QEG features the following market leading performances:

•    an excellent amplitude accuracy with 0.2dB of RMS attenuation error,
•    a very good return loss of -14dB,
•    a very low RMS phase variation of 6°,
•    digital control interface.

This circuit is designed for a wide range of applications, from military to commercial communication systems. It is manufactured using a 0.25µm gate length pHEMT process with substrate via holes and air bridges.

It is available in chip form and in RoHS compliant SMD package 24L-QFN4x5.

Main Features:

  • Broadband performances:    4-14GHz
  • Attenuator step:    0.5dB
  • Dynamic:    31.5dB
  • Insertion loss:    7dB@10GHz
  • Attenuation error:    +0.8dB
  • RMS Attenuation error:    0.2dB
  • RMS phase variation:    6°
  • Return losses:    -14dB
  • P-1dB:    23dBm


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