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Foundry Course

The open Foundry organises a programme of regular design course, which aim to give participants a clear understanding of the technology processes, design flow and the techniques that can be employed to realise effective designs using our latest toolkits.

UMS Foundry course summary
Course Objectives

Our course aim to impart a sound understanding of our design methodology and how it can be applied to get the most out of a given process technology.

Each course offers participants the advantage of talking to specialists with experience in areas such as CAD modelling, test measurement and packaging. This provides an ideal opportunity to discuss specific areas of interest and benefit from the experience of engineers who have implemented many successful designs.

Course prospectus

The standard Foundry course, which lasts two days, is run at regular intervals at our facility in Orsay.

Typically, the course covers the following topics:
- GaAs Technologies
- HBT activity
- pHEMT modelling
- Layout skills and CAD demo
- Specific techniques for Mixer, High Power Amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier design
- On-wafer measurement
- Reliability
- How to get the best out of our foundry service
- Open forum and specific questions

Joining a course


If you wish to attend  or need further information on foundry courses, please contact:

Eric Leclerc

Tel: +33 1 69 86 32 96
Fax: +33 1 69 86 33 30
E-mail: foundry@ums-gaas.com

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