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ULRC a new foundry process
UMS is proud to announce a new foundry process

UMS is glad to announce the launch of a new process. The ULRC process increases the available process wide portfolio proposed by UMS.


ULRC is a pure passive and low cost process on 4” GaAs substrate offering very low losses and allowing High-Q passive elements due to high dielectric constant. The ULRC process includes MIM capacitor, two layer metal, thin metallic film resistors (30Ohms/sq and 1000Ohms/sq). Our associated ADS2011 PDK includes all passive devices: capacitors, inductors, resistors, lines and via-holes through the substrate. Targeted applications are: high-Q passive circuits, matching circuits, phase shifter, baluns, filters,.

Component        Min    Typ    Max   Unit
TaN resistor        26      30     34     Ω/square
TiWSi resistor    800   1000  1200   Ω/square
MIM capacitor    220    250    280    pF/mm²


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