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CHS5104-FAA: A new reflective SPDT switch in hermetic package

17 April - MMIC - Space - Product

The CHS5104-FAA is a DC-6GHz reflective SPDT switch in a 6x6mm2 SMD ceramic hermetic package compatible with space requirements.
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Extending the use of GaAs power pHEMT in space

The PPH15X-20 GaAs pHEMT technology has been successfully space evaluated and is now part of the European Preferred Part List (EPPL) established by the European Space Agency (ESA)(1). This evaluation includes a BCB protection layer.

17 April - Foundry
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CHR3693-FAA integrated down-converter

UMS has introduced the CHR3693-FAA, a 21-26.5GHz down-converter in a surface mount hermetic ceramic package compatible with space requirements.

14 March - Product
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