Quality and Environmental Policy



UMS will maintain a profitable business through the following commitments to our customers and stakeholders:


Constantly improving our customer satisfaction

  • Identifying their needs and providing solutions
  • Implementing sustainable improvement processes
  • Seeking feedback

Partnering with our external providers

  • Having a fair and ethical selection process
  • Specifying our key needs to ensure and improve quality
  • Giving feedback on their performance

Protecting and developing our people

  • Ensuring safe and motivating working conditions
  • Developing the necessary skills and knowledge
  • Providing open communications and seeking feedback

Protecting and delivering our Shareholders’ interests

  • Adopting strategies and ethics in line with their needs
  • Safeguarding their interests through appropriate governance
  • Providing regular, accurate and open information

Continuously reducing our environmental impacts

  • Complying with customer requirements and legislation
  • Promoting energy and resource conservation
  • Implementing sustainable manufacturing processes