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In the race for 5G

UMS leads the European 5G GaN program

The major objective of the 5G_GaN2 project is to develop new industrial disruptive technologies from semiconductor through to integration.

It will support the birth of a new sub system architecture and target the step up in performance required for the 5G generation from Ku to E bands for BTS, point to point & SATCOM communication networks

The European Commission is funding this 3 years project that involves 17 partners from 8 different countries.

This project is built on 3 major axes:

  • Development of SIP (System In Package) technology allowing heterogenous die technology integration,
  • Realization of Rx/Tx circuits for 5G and Satcom from Ka up to E Bands,
  • Development of GaN technology for E Band.

UMS is proud to lead this consortium covering all the needs from wafer suppliers, semiconductor fabrication to system integrators.

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