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New wideband MPA : the CHA4314-98F

The CHA4314-98F is a new wideband 4.7-11.3GHz MPA covering C and X bands.


This circuit features excellent technical characteristics: Gain (19dB), OIP3 (34dBm), OP1dB (26dBm) and PAE @ 31% @ 1dB comp and 34% @ 3dB comp.

The CHA4314-98F is designed for Radar and for Electronic warfare, Point to Point radios, Test & Measurement and general communication applications.


It is designed on a UMS proprietary GaAs 0.15µm technology.


It is proposed in bare die 3.45x1.6x0.07mm

Main Features:

  • Frequency range: 4.7-11.3GHz
  • Linear Gain: 19dB
  • PAE @1dB comp: 31%
  • PAE @3dB comp: 34%
  • Pout @1dB comp: 26dBm
  • OIP3 : 34dBm
  • DC bias : 5V @ 180mA
  • Chip size : 3.45x1.6x0.07mm
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