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UMS in the race for the stars

UMS is continuing to develop its line of products to address space applications.


2 new products, the CHA3801-FAA, an L-band Low Noise Amplifier and the CHA4253-FAA, a 17-21GHz Medium Power Amplifier are joining the range of UMS products available in SMD hermetic packages.

These products are compliant with all possible mission profiles due to their high reliability and hermeticity.

All of these circuits have been designed on UMS proprietary space evaluated processes.



Available UMS hermetic packages:



Unleaded hermetic metal ceramic
6x6mm2 FDA


Unleaded hermetic metal ceramic



The following UMS products and engineering samples are available in Space compatible hermetic packages:


  • CHA2069-FAA 16-32GHz Low Noise Amplifier
  • CHA3666-FAA 6-16GHz Low Noise Amplifier
  • New CHA3801-FAA L-band Low Noise Amplifier
  • New CHA4253-FAA 17-21GHz Medium Power Amplifier
  • CHA5266-FAA 10-16GHz Medium Power Amplifier
  • CHR3693-FAA 21-26.5GHz Integrated Down-Converter
  • CHS5104-FAA DC-6GHz Reflective SPDT
  • CHT4690-FAA 5-30GHz Attenuator
  • CHV1203-FAA Low Noise S-Band HBT VCO
  • ES-CHA3024-FDA 2-22GHz LNA with AGC
  • ES-CHA3656-FAA 5.8-17GHz Low Noise Amplifier
  • ES-CHT3091-FAA DC-14GHz Voltage Variable Attenuator
  • ES-CHX2193-FAA 6.25-8.25GHz Frequency doubler
  • ES-CHA6710-FAA X-band Medium Power Amplifier
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